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Annual Australian Authors Yearly Talent list – 2020

It's time... My 2020 list of Australian authors I have read and enjoyed their books this year! I love all authors but I do have a special spot in my heart for Australian talent, and I like to share that love once a year. So here is the list for this year, in no particular… Continue reading Annual Australian Authors Yearly Talent list – 2020

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Aussie Author Talent 2019 Edition!

Yes, it's here! My annual Australian Author appreciation post - yay for homegrown talent being shared! Look forward to discovering even more Aussie Authors in 2020. Here is a list (in no particular order) of Australian Authors whose books I've quite enjoyed this year: • Charlotte Nash • Katherine Collette • Anna Snoekstra • Holly… Continue reading Aussie Author Talent 2019 Edition!

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Talented Australian Authors

Just wanted to put up an appreciation post of the Australian authors whose books I've quite enjoyed so far this year - there's plenty more homegrown talent out there and I look forward to discovering more and more talented Aussie authors 🙂   In no particular order, these authors are worth checking out: • Barbara… Continue reading Talented Australian Authors