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Annual Australian Authors Yearly Talent list – 2021

Aussie Authors

Every year around this time, I like to do a shoutout to all the Australian Authors whose books I’ve read for the year, and enjoyed (rated 3.5 or above out of 5 stars).

This year there are a whopping 74 Aussie Authors on this list!

So in no particular order (and a couple of them I haven’t published reviews for yet – I’m getting there!), do check out the following if you can 🙂:

Author Sarah Barrie


Fiona Higgins

Jane Harper

Craig Silvey

Petronella McGovern – Author

Darry Fraser Books

Kyle Perry Author

Pamela Cook

Alli Sinclair Author

• Pip Williams

Penelope Janu Author

Vanessa McCausland Author

Kathy George Author

• Anita Hughes

• Elizabeth Flann

Monica McInerney

Allie Reynolds

Janet Gover

Pamela Hart

Chris Hammer – author

Lynne Cairns Author

Jessica Dettmann Author

Cheryl Adnams – Author

Desney King, Author

Michelle Montebello Author

Pip Drysdale

Polly Phillips

Alissa Callen – Author

Lyn Yeowart, Author

Fiona Lowe Books

J.P. Pomare

Emma Young

Belinda Alexandra

Sasha Wasley Author

Kim Kelly

Jacqueline Maley

Stella Quinn Author

• Emily Maguire

Nicola Moriarty

• Matt Nable

Amy Suiter Clarke

Jesse Blackadder (Author)

• Kelli Hawkins• Lance Karlson

• Debra Oswald

Kim Lock

Tabitha Ann Bird- Author

Kayte Nunn Author

Eva Scott

Meredith Jaffe

Kelly Rimmer

Alexandra Joel Author

Sarah Epstein Books

John Byron

Rachel Givney

Josephine Moon

Katherine Firkin

Averil Kenny – Author

• Margaret Hickey

• Bill Edgar

Natasha Lester – Author

• Karen Sepulveda

Liane Moriarty

Lee Christine Author

Karen Herbert

Leonie Kelsall, Author

Sarah Bailey

Ber Carroll

Nicola Marsh

Kirsty Manning – Writer

Tania Farrelly

Michelle Wright – author

Sally Hepworth

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