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Aussie Author Talent 2019 Edition!


Yes, it’s here!
My annual Australian Author appreciation post – yay for homegrown talent being shared! Look forward to discovering even more Aussie Authors in 2020.
Here is a list (in no particular order) of Australian Authors whose books I’ve quite enjoyed this year:

Charlotte Nash
Katherine Collette
Anna Snoekstra
Holly Throsby
Jane Harper
Rachael Johns
Margaret Morgan – Author
• Martine Murray
Shirley Patton Author
Lily Malone, Author
• Jessica Dettman
Di Morrissey
Carla Caruso Author
John Purcell
Sally Hepworth
Dervla McTiernan
Toni Jordan
Kelly Rimmer (Author)
Penelope Janu Author
Kirsten Alexander
• Jennifer Spence
Pip Drysdale
Ginger Gorman – the investigative journalist with heart
Natasha Lester – Author
Minnie Darke
Nicole Hurley-Moore
Fiona Lowe Books
• Melissa Ferguson
Kayte Nunn Author
Louise Guy
Aoife Clifford – Writer
Cassie Hamer
Karen Viggers Books
Kerri Turner – Author
Josephine Moon
• Ben Elton
Alli Sinclair Author
Anna Romer
Sarah Epstein Books
Suzanne Daniel
Author Sarah Barrie
Tabitha Ann Bird- Author
Mary-Anne O’Connor
• Carmel Reilly
Graeme Simsion
Petronella McGovern – Author
Tess Woods – Author
Nicola Moriarty
Belinda Alexandra
Ali and Michelle
Holden Sheppard
Wendy James
Sophie Green Author
Jannali Jones
• Benjamin Stevenson
Alison Stuart – Writer
• Christian White
Trish Morey – Romance Author

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