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Annual Australian Authors Yearly Talent list – 2020


It’s time…

My 2020 list of Australian authors I have read and enjoyed their books this year!

I love all authors but I do have a special spot in my heart for Australian talent, and I like to share that love once a year.

So here is the list for this year, in no particular order of course!

Great gift ideas if you are still looking for Xmas presents hehe!

Kerri Turner – Author

Pip Drysdale

Pamela Cook

Kate Murdoch

Penelope Janu Author

Emily Madden

Fiona Lowe Books

Tricia Stringer

Janet Gover

J.P. Pomare

Rose Hartley

Chris Hammer – author

Lily Malone, Author

Genevieve Gannon

Sara Foster – Author

Cassie Hamer

Dervla McTiernan

Kirsten Alexander

Alexandra Joel Author

• Vanessa McCausland

Rachael Johns Author

Natasha Lester – Author

Meredith Appleyard

Sandie Docker, Writer

Kelly Rimmer

Sonya Spreen Bates

Rebecca Higgie – Author

• Fiona Harris & Mike McLeish

Anne Buist Author Page

Lisa Ireland

Mandy Magro – Author

• J.H. Fletcher

Minnie Darke

Kirsty Manning – Writer

Alison Stuart – Writer

Ber Carroll

Lee Christine Author

Kaneana May Writer

Leah Swann – Writer


Leonie Kelsall, Author

• Tony Birch

Julian Leatherdale

Eva Scott

Rebecca Freeborn – Author

• Anna Downes

Nicola Marsh

Katherine Firkin

Fiona Palmer

Kayte Nunn Author

Megan Goldin Author

Darry Fraser Books

Leisl Leighton – Author

Gabriel Bergmoser

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