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Talented Australian Authors

Australian Authors

Just wanted to put up an appreciation post of the Australian authors whose books I’ve quite enjoyed so far this year – there’s plenty more homegrown talent out there and I look forward to discovering more and more talented Aussie authors 🙂
In no particular order, these authors are worth checking out:
• Barbara Hannay
• Kate Morton
• Helene Young
• Lili Wilkinson
• Sarah Barrie
• Enza Gandolfo
• Liane Moriarty
• Lisa Ireland
• James Moloney
• Megan Goldin
• Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus
• Liz Byrski
• Dervla McTiernan
• Natasha Lester
• Nicola Moriarty
• Holly Ringland
• Colin Dray
• Kelly Rimmer
• Laurie Steed
• Claire G. Coleman
• Debra Oswald
• Mandy Sayer
• Louise Allan
• Loretta Hill
• Caroline Overington
• Chris Hammer
• Kate Mildenhall
• Lily Malone
• Janet Lee
• Iain Ryan
• Jane Harper

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