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The Royal Correspondent by Alexandra Joel. (2021).

The Royal Correspondent by Alexandra Joel. (2021).

**4 out of 5 stars**

When Blaise, a feisty young journalist from Sydney’s tough area, is despatched to London to report on Princess Margaret’s controversial marriage, she is drawn into a realm of glamour and intrigue. As the nation faces an explosive upheaval, Blaise must grapple with a series of shocking scandals. Yet, haunted by a threat from her past and torn between two very different men, who can she trust in a world of hidden motives and shifting alliances? If she makes the wrong choice, she will lose everything…

After really enjoying this author’s first novel (The Paris Model), I was keen to read this one. The author has delivered another great historical fiction that I think many readers will appreciate. This one delves into the world journalism; specifically, a time where there were not many female journalists. Our lead character, Blaise, is a feisty and intelligent young woman who has grown up in a rough neighborhood. She eventually makes her way to London where she becomes a royal correspondent and is thrown into some scintillating scandals. Meanwhile she finds herself between two men; this added some light romance to the novel however I did think she had rose-coloured glasses on with one of the men in particular. Fashion also gets a look-in and I appreciated the mix between fact and fiction.
Overall: this is a compelling and interesting story and I would happily recommend it for those that enjoy historical fiction.

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