Australian Author · Mystery · Read-Reviewed-2021 · Thriller · Young Adult

Deep Water by Sarah Epstein. (2020).

Deep Water by Sarah Epstein. (2020).
*Young Adult*

**4 out of 5 stars**

13 year old Henry Weaver went missing three months ago during a violent storm. His muddy bike was later found at the train station. His older brother Mason doesn’t know who he is it what he’s capable of, but he does know that Henry binds him to this suffocating small town. Meanwhile Chloe wants answers; why would Henry run away without telling her? One of her friends know something and she’s determined to find out the truth. As Chloe wades into dangerous waters and Mason’s past emerges, a chilling question arises… how far would you go to keep a secret?

After being blown away by this author’s first novel (Small Spaces), I eagerly grabbed this one when I saw it in the library. I’m glad I did because it was a great read. I think it would make an excellent introduction to thrillers for young teen readers, but also would be fantastic for those adult readers who like their thrillers ‘clean’ (no gruesome or graphic details). We alternate between Mason and Chloe’s perspectives as well as the current timeline and events leading up to Henry’s disappearance. With many red herrings throughout the book, it was difficult to guess how it would all end (which is a good thing!).
Overall: I would happily recommend this book for both young adults and adults who enjoy thrillers.

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