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The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding. (2021).

The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding. (2021).

**4 out of 5 stars**

Thomas and Viv have a picture perfect family: affluent and attractive, two well-mannered thriving kids (Eli and Tarryn), a beautiful home and fulfilling jobs. Until one morning their house and car are pelted with eggs. At first they assume it’s a prank, but they start to worry after a smoke bomb and stabbed car tyres. Unable to identify the perpetrators, they are helpless as the assaults escalate. And it turns out everyone in the Adler family have secrets, both from the outside world and each other. As they all grapple with their guilt, fear and shame, the assaults become deadly. Their ‘perfect’ facade is crumbling and it might be too late to do anything about it…

I absolutely flew through the pages of this one. It was super easy to read, even though the content at times was more confronting than what I was expecting. It was almost like a morbid curiosity that kept me enthralled: how low could this family go and who exactly was out to get them when there seemed like so many possibilities?! Full of red herrings and twists, readers will spend the book wondering who is targeting this family. As mentioned before, some of the Adler family have some pretty dark secrets; in particular, I found Eli’s to be quite challenging to read. My small criticism would be the very end, which seems to be the opinion of quite a few readers, I’m not sure I understand what it was implying.
Overall: happily recommend for those that enjoy a contemporary suspense thriller with a domestic drama touch.

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