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Lost Without You by Rachael Johns. (2018).


Lost Without You by Rachael Johns. (2018).

**5 out of 5 stars**

Four women, one dress, and the secret that binds them all…
Paige is newly engaged after a shock health turn for her mother Rebecca. She decides to wear Rebecca’s wedding dress but her mum doesn’t have it anymore so she’ll have to track it down – but along the way she discovers Rebecca has a hidden secret. In that journey she meets Josie, who is at a crossroads in her marriage. Then there’s Clara, who separated from her husband Rob and is trying to make a new life but Rob can’t seem to move on. All four women are connected now and life won’t be the same.

I am fully aware that that Rachael Johns is a popular author but this is the first book of hers I’ve picked up – and I thought it was fabulous. My only (very small) negative is that the circumstances these women come together in is one hell of a coincidence but I’m willing to put my disbelief aside haha. The book covers some pretty challenging and emotional themes/life events including a serious health issue, adoption, depression, infertility (including miscarriages and stillbirths), missing persons, suicide and lifelong grief. So prepare yourselves for some emotional triggers! Intertwined with these is the lighter storyline re the wedding dress hunt which is cute. The four women are all great realistic characters – in general lovely women who have some flaws like we all do. I enjoyed that the chapters alternated between the viewpoints of all four ladies. I’d be happy to recommend this excellent novel.

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