Australian Author · Contemporary/Literary · Domestic Drama · Read-Reviewed-2023

The Gifted Son by Genevieve Gannon. (2023).

The Gifted Son by Genevieve Gannon. (2023).

**4 out of 5 stars**

With two bright children, a beautiful home and a husband she’s always depended on, Lillian considers herself blessed. Until on her son Jamie’s final day of high school, he fails to come home. Hospitalised by a coward’s punch, Jamie is a victim of a muck-up day gone too far. Lillian’s support is unflinching, even as her world begins to crumble. A son whose fate hangs in the balance, a teenage witness refusing to name the perpetrator, and a husband who’s hiding a secret that could destroy their marriage…

With a timely and confronting topic, this is an interesting read that drives home how spur of the moment decisions can have life-shattering consequences. When Jamie is punched on his muck-up day at school, it has potentially devastating effects on all involved. With alternating perspectives, readers experience how this shocking event impacts on many, and the life changes both physical and mental that occur. I thought it was a well-written story that flowed at a good pace; it was an easy read.
Overall: if you are a fan of contemporary fiction that addresses real-life issues, I would recommend this one.


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