Australian Author · Contemporary/Literary · Domestic Drama · Read-Reviewed-2023

The One and Only Dolly Jamieson by Lisa Ireland. (2023).


The One and Only Dolly Jamieson by Lisa Ireland. (2023).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

Dolly Jamieson is not homeless, she’s merely between permanent abodes. The 78-year-old spends her days keeping warm at the library. It’s certainly a far cry from the 1960s when she was an international star on Broadway. So how did she end up here? When newcomer to the library Jane shows an interest in Dolly, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship and soon Jane offers to help write Dolly’s memoir. Yet Dolly can detect a deep sadness in Jane. Perhaps by working together to recount the glittering highs, devastating lows and tragic secrets of Dolly’s life, both women can finally face their pasts and heal…

Wow, wow, wow. I had high hopes for this one after loving a couple of the author’s previous novels and it certainly didn’t disappoint. This is a fantastic read. It has glitz, glamour, drama and covers confronting issues both historically and in modern times. Dolly is a character readers won’t forget, with a fascinating life journey. Her immediate connection to Jane was lovely, and it was inspiring to read how willing Jane was to help Dolly. Jane has her own recent trauma which was heart-breaking when revealed. This was a compelling read that I didn’t want to put down.
Overall: I have no hesitation in highly recommending this book, it was utterly fantastic. 


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