Australian Author · Historical Fiction · Read-Reviewed-2022

The Three Lives of Alix St Pierre by Natasha Lester. (2022).

The Three Lives of Alix St Pierre by Natasha Lester. (2022).

**4 out of 5 stars**

1943. In New York, successful PR wizard Alix comes to the attention of the US government and finds herself recruited into a fledgling intelligence organisation. She is sent as a spy to Europe where she is tasked with getting close to a Nazi who may or may not be a double agent.
1946. Alix has moved to Paris to run the Service de la Presse for the upcoming House of Christian Dior. But when a figure from the war reappears and threatens to destroy her future, Alix realises only she can right the wrongs of the past and bring him to justice.

This is another engaging historical fiction, WWII era, story from this author who has continuously produced extremely popular novels. The lead character in this book is the intelligent and beautiful Alix; the storyline primarily weaves between Alix’s actions as a spy based in Switzerland during WWII and her life in France following the war where although she is trying to start anew, she is threatened by past events. The author’s meticulous historical research results in a well-written story, and her interest and knowledge in fashion shines through the pages.
Overall: I have no doubt many readers will enjoy this novel and find it a great read.


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