Australian Author · Non-Fiction · Read-Reviewed-2021

The Coffin Confessor by Bill Edgar. (2021).

The Coffin Confessor by Bill Edgar. (2021).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

Bill Edgar is the Coffin Confessor – a one-of-a-kind professional whose mission is to make good people’s last requests. He crashes funerals, reveals secrets and helps with last wishes. This the story of how he became that man. Bill has been many things in his life so far: homeless street-kid, car thief, son of a gangster, max-security prisoner, professional punching bag, inventor, private investigator, family man, and a survivor of horrific childhood abuse. Now his life’s work is to make sure his clients’ voices are heard. This is a story of survival and redemption, of a life spent on the fringes of society, on both sides of the law – and what that teaches you about living your best life … and death.

I actually find it very difficult to review a non-fiction book, particularly when it is a memoir/autobiography, but I’ll try my best! Bill’s job is certainly an extraordinarily unique one; I was hoping for more of the stories in relation to that however while there are some, the book concentrated more on Bill’s childhood to early twenties. Bill has led quite the life so far, and some of his experiences (which include violence and sexual abuse) could be triggering for some readers. Some of the book’s passages are fairly confronting and knowing that this actually happened makes for emotional reading. For readers that don’t like profanity, be aware that the f-word is used a lot; I don’t mind profanity but in some places it felt a bit forced and I wondered if Bill really goes into funerals and starts swearing like that…
I think a lot of people would be interested in reading this book and find Bill’s journey quite fascinating.

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