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The Tribute by John Byron. (2021).


The Tribute by John Byron. (2021).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

In Sydney there is a serial killer, busy recreating scenes from the Fabrica, the 16th-century foundation text of modern anatomy. The cold and methodical killings has everyone on edge but the serial killer might not even be the darkest player in this story. Desperate for a breakthrough, Detective David Murphy draws into the case his art historian sister, Jo, and his wife, Sylvia. Unravelling the mystery of who is behind the killings pushes each beyond the limits of what they thought possible.

I think this is a great debut for the author, who clearly is very talented at writing. It seems as though this is a crime thriller, and it is, but the author has also incorporated a strong message on masculinity and misogyny. Readers should take the time to read the author’s note at the end where he explains his motivations for his story. To that end, I think for me the author did too good a job because I basically despised one of the characters so much so that it lessened my enjoyment of the book. However, I did love the ending. It is worth noting that there was a high level of detail for the murder victims’ corpses; some readers may find it gruesome and/or slightly too much scientific detail.
Overall: a great debut for the author and one I’d recommend for those that enjoy modern thrillers.

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