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A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas. (2021).


A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas. (2021).
(A Court of Thorns and Roses; #4)

**4 out of 5 stars**

Nesta has always been prickly – proud, swift to anger and slow to forgive. Since the war, and being made High Fae against her will, she has struggled to forget the horrors she endured and find a place for herself in the Night Court. Cassian ignites her temper more than anyone. But it isn’t just her temper he ignites. And when they are forced to train together, sparks become flame. As the threat of war casts its shadow again, Nesta and Cassian must fight monsters from within and without. But the ultimate risk will be searching for acceptance – and healing – in each other’s arms.

Firstly let’s just address this: decent chunks of this book are basically pornography, or as Nesta likes to call it, smut literature. If you don’t have a problem with that, then cool! If you do, then maybe avoid this book. It’s not horrific or anything but it sure did make me giggle and blush, and I just can’t agree that it’s classified as a young adult book. Moving on. It was interesting to experience Nesta’s perspective as so far in the series (in my opinion) she’s been pretty unlikable. I think by the end of this book the reader comes to appreciate her, and she does have some big character growth. Cassian’s perspective was basically just him obsessing over Nesta haha but it was enjoyable. In terms of storyline, I thought it was very powerful when the females who had been hurt got the courage to start training. I’ve always had a soft spot for Azriel and I am very hopeful the next book will be from his perspective, fingers crossed.
Overall: the sex scenes certainly ramp up in intensity from the previous novels in the series and I think for that reason the storyline itself is lacking slightly in parts, however I still really enjoyed it and hey, I managed to read over 750 pages in 2 days so it must have been good!

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