Australian Author · Contemporary/Literary · Read-Reviewed-2021

Infinite Splendours by Sofie Laguna. (2020).


Infinite Splendours by Sofie Laguna. (2020).

**2 out of 5 stars**

Lawrence is a bright, caring, curious boy with a gift for painting. He lives with his mother and younger brother with a promising future ahead. But when he is 10, an experience of betrayal takes it all away and Lawrence is left to deal with the devastating aftermath. As he grows into a man, how will he make sense of what he has suffered? He cannot rewrite history, but must he be condemned to repeat it? He finds meaning in the best way he knows; creating beauty.

While I appreciated that the author has tackled a difficult topic, I didn’t really like this novel much. I did start off enjoying it, and then by halfway I wasn’t really into it. As a note, readers who find sexual child abuse shouldn’t pick this one up. I think that the storyline does demonstrate the potential traumatic effects of such an abuse, and that can be both confronting and depressing to read. Later in the book the adult Lawrence displayed concerning and inappropriate behaviours towards young boys and it was difficult to feel empathy towards him by that point. I found some paragraphs overly descriptive and slightly repetitive, to the point where I was a bit bored and just skimming through so I could finish.
Overall: I didn’t really like this one much and it’s not one I’d personally recommend but that’s not to say others wouldn’t appreciate it.

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