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The Vet from Snowy River by Stella Quinn. (2021).


The Vet from Snowy River by Stella Quinn. (2021).

**4 out of 5 stars**

**Thank you to Harlequin Australia for sending me a free advance readers copy of this novel; published 2 June 2021**

Vera no longer believes in love. Thanks to her ex-boyfriend, she’s broke, jobless and facing a court case that could lead to prison. She opens a cafe in small tourist town Hanrahan. Josh, once Hanrahan’s golden boy, left 16 years ago with a pregnant girlfriend and gossip hard on his heels. Now he’s back as a qualified vet and single dad. A new start and a grumpy teenage daughter is a lot to juggle, but then he meets Vera… Vera has no intention of being sidetracked by the hot vet. But fate has a way of tripping up our best intentions…

I never used to describe myself as a fan of rural romance, but with stories like this I’ve definitely come on the bandwagon. This one is the author’s Australian rural romance novel debut and I predict will be super popular with fans of this genre. It was easy to dive into, featured likeable characters, had that bit of drama to offset the romance but as all good rural romances do, ended happily ever after for our main characters. I haven’t looked it up to see if I’m right but I am feeling like maybe there’s scope for us to revisit this town in the future, specifically I think Josh’s sister needs her own book.
Overall: I’d happily recommend this entertaining rural romance/domestic drama for any fan of those genres.

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