Australian Author · Contemporary/Literary · Domestic Drama · Read-Reviewed-2021

A Home Like Ours by Fiona Lowe. (2021).


A Home Like Ours by Fiona Lowe. (2021).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

When three when with wildly different loyalties come together, what secrets and lies will be revealed? Tara is at breaking point: She has 2 young children, a business in a town with an unexpected crime wave, a husband seemingly not interested in her sexually. Helen has been homeless and gotten some stability through involvement with the community garden. But as she uncovers some shady goings-on in the council, that stability disappears. Teenage mum Jade is lonely and judged by many. A chance encounter draws her into the endangered community garden where she finally makes friends. Can such different women unite to save the garden and stop the town from tearing itself apart?

I’ve come to expect nothing less than a fantastic read from this author and she again does not disappoint. In this novel we centre around the three women mentioned in the above synopsis: Tara, Helen and Jade. These three women are all different ages, different backgrounds, different personalities and have walked different paths in life. They find themself connected by the local community garden which finds itself threatened. Helen in particular finds herself in the middle of controversy when she extends the garden to include plots for local refugee women; this small town is just full of judgmental people (is the kindest way I can put it). However, the storyline also demonstrated that people can in fact change their viewpoints and I really liked seeing some of the characters’ personal growth.
I would highly recommend this engaging and well-written book that explores the concepts of prejudice and privilege in one small Australian town.

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