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An Inconvenient Woman by Stéphanie Buelens. (2020).


An Inconvenient Woman by Stéphanie Buelens. (2020).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

When Claire learns that her ex-husband Simon is marrying again, to a woman with a teenage daughter, she is concerned. She is sure Simon molested her own daughter and was responsible for her death. She can’t let him get away with it. Simon doesn’t know where Claire got this delusion from, her daughter’s death was ruled a suicide. Wanting to protect his new fiancé, he hires Sloane to get Claire off his back. She is an ex-cop turned ‘sin-eater’, whose job is to handle delicate cases without getting the police involved. Sloane must discover the truth. Is Claire crazy or is Simon manipulative? And can Sloane stay clear-headed enough to figure it out…

I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. I did like it, I think it’s a good debut for the author, and written so it’s easy to follow despite a few different things going on. However, it also just didn’t feel quite right in parts; hard to put my finger on something specific but some plot points and connections were just too unbelievable. Claire was a classic unreliable narrator in that she was convinced that Simon was a child molester but it was unclear whether she was correct or unstable. I do think that as far as the storyline goes, this would make a really good media adaptation and play really well on the screen. As a side note, I will say that it always annoys me when the synopsis is incorrect and this one has blatant errors in it: at no point is it even suggested that Claire’s daughter committed suicide, and Simon’s new partner’s daughter is 10 which I wouldn’t be classifying as a teenager (perhaps petty of me, but these small mistakes are extremely irritating for me).
Overall, I think those readers that like a psychological thriller could enjoy this one.

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