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Two Questions by Danielle Murray. (2020).

Two Questions by Danielle Murray. (2020).

**3 out of 5 stars**

**Thank you to the author for getting in contact and sending me a free copy of this novel, I am very appreciative**

Changing countries for love…is it worth it? Would you do it again?
Tish Louise, World War II war bride. Meg. Lucie. And the mysterious missing Annie. Four women in different corners of the world and in different periods in time who fall in love with a foreigner and follow him home. First comes romance, then comes reality. Who doesn’t like the idea of meeting a beautiful stranger from a far-away land and flying off into the sunset? This is the story of what happens when you get there… and then some…

This novel centres around an intriguing subject that to be honest, I’ve never given much thought to – foreign brides (or grooms, but more likely brides…). It’s written in a style that made me feel like I was reading a combination of personal diary entries and personal letters to friends. This had the effect that I in fact personally knew Meg, Tish Louise, Lucie and Annie; they were all very realistically written characters that felt like familiar friends. I liked and appreciated the cast of characters reference at the beginning of the book; a good tool to flip back to during reading, particularly when you have just started and there’s lots of different people being mentioned. I enjoyed the historical facts included and mentioned, particularly around Marie Antoinette and Empress Alexandra.
Overall: an interesting fiction novel that looks at the long term effects of being a ‘foreign bride’ and what that could mean for your life if you did it.

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