Advance Readers Copy · Psychological Thriller · Read-Reviewed-2021

Mimicry by Margo Ervand. (2020).


Mimicry by Margo Ervand. (2020).

**2.5 out of 5 stars**

**Thank you to the author for getting in contact and sending me a free copy of this novel, I am very appreciative**

Running away from her parents’ home in Clio, Alabama, at the age of 15, Sarah seeks to gain not just freedom, but herself. But the past overtakes her when one day her worst enemy appears at her door. Each of them has her own truth, her own pain, her own goals.  But who will be stronger? Who will win the right to become unique and irreplaceable?

I think this was an interesting storyline: twins that apparently hate each other to the point of wanting to ruin each other’s lives basically. For me, I think different formatting would have helped me enjoy this one a bit more; it was a bit confusing in places and I think it would have helped if, for example, the chapters that took place in a previous time period were clearly labelled as such. At only just over 200 pages, this is a fast-paced intense read with a lot of twists and turns. I definitely liked Sarah more than Samantha, I felt like Sam was super aggressive and nasty with not a lot of explanation as to why she was like that.
I think the author had a solid foundation here with a good imagination, there’s potential for a really great book from the author in the future.

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