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Where To Next? by Solène Anglaret. (2018).


Where To Next? by Solène Anglaret. (2018).

**4 out of 5 stars**

**Thank you to the author for getting in contact and sending me a free copy of this novel, I am very appreciative**

Tired of your daily routine and the regrets that come with it? What if you could travel the world and move from country to country forever? Would you take the leap? This book will take you along a journey that starts in France and goes through Norway, US, UK, China and finally Australia. It is filled with challenging experiences, fundamental lessons, and unforgettable encounters. Witness how such a lifestyle changes one’s character as well as perception of where and what home actually is.

Firstly, I just want to acknowledge that I am not much of a non-fiction reader and in particular I’d probably never pick up a book about traveling so thanks to the author for broadening my reading horizons. This book is a combination of autobiography, memoir and a travel journal. The author has not only lived in 6 countries but traveled to nearly 50, all before she was 30! As someone who is around the same age who has lived in one country and only traveled to two, that is amazing to me. It was very interesting to follow Solène’s adventures, it was clear she had a passion for travel and new experiences from a very young age. The book itself is constructed with small paragraphs within chapters; sometimes the paragraphs are related to the same day and then others jump ahead up to months in time. This gave the feeling you were reading a friend’s journal (a friend who happened to be a good writer haha). I find the author’s ideas on being “beyond borders” intriguing and worth considering, and her passion for it is admirable.
Overall, I found it enjoyable to follow Solène’s journey and there was some definite food for thought with the way she approaches life. Those that have an interest in travelling, or those that are looking for something to read outside their usual interests, should have a look into this book.

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