Australian Author · Contemporary/Literary · Read-Reviewed-2020

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon. (2020).


The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon. (2020).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

Single mum Olivia has moved herself and young son Darcy from Tasmania to Stoneden in the English Cotswolds. They have moved as part of ‘The Renaissance Project’, welcoming migrants from around the would to bring the dwindling community back to life and boost the failing economy. But not everyone is pleased about the initiative. For cake maker Olivia, it’s a chance for Darcy to meet his Norwegian father and for her to trace the last blurry lines of her family tree. It’s also an opportunity to move on from the traumatic event that tore her loved ones apart. After 7 years on her own, she has all but given up on romance, until life dishes up some delicious new options she didn’t even know she was craving…

I seriously enjoyed this one. I already knew that I liked this author’s style after reading one of her previous novels, and I think I liked this newest one even more. Olivia was a great lead character to follow, and her son Darcy sounded adorable. The descriptions of Olivia’s baking was literally mouthwatering. The village sounded really appealing, other than the small acts of sabotage against the new migrants; in saying that, I could easily picture the resentment some villagers would have had about the project although the sabotage was quite mean. Likewise, the traumatic event experienced by Olivia and Darcy was very believable and also involved some completely unwarranted nastiness; it was sad to imagine. I just wanted everything to work out for Olivia and Darcy and for everyone to be nice and get what they wanted…
I highly recommend this excellent book full of likeable and interesting characters. 

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