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The Half Sister by Sandie Jones. (2020).


The Half Sister by Sandie Jones. (2020).

**2 out of 5 stars**

Kate and Lauren are sisters. As they gather for their weekly lunch with their mum, a knock on the door changes everything. The woman at the door, Jess, claims to be their half sister which would mean the unthinkable…that she’s the secret daughter of their recently deceased father Harry. As the fall-out starts, it’s clear that each is hiding secrets, and that perhaps this family isn’t as perfect as it appears. Where there was truth, now there are lies, and only one thing is certain – their half sister’s arrival has ruined everything…

I was pretty disappointed with this one. To start with, parts of the blurb on the back are not even correct which really should have been picked up on. It said that the sisters, Kate and Lauren, are close. Except it is literally established in the first couple of chapters that they are not and haven’t ever really been. The blurb also says that both sisters don’t believe Jess. Except one does believe her from the very beginning. I think most readers use the blurb as a guide in their decision to read so when it’s wrong, that’s not really a good thing. Putting that aside, I just didn’t really like the storyline. There were lots of little twists and red herrings, and I just thought that it was all a bit dramatic and over the top in places. The ending was not surprising to me but I think it was supposed to be a big shock; for me I just rolled my eyes at the last couple of sentences because again, it felt over the top.
Overall: this isn’t one I’d personally recommend but there are lots of readers that have thoroughly enjoyed it so give it a go if it interests you.

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