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Second Chance Lane by Nicola Marsh. (2020).


Second Chance Lane by Nicola Marsh. (2020).
(Brockenridge #2)

**4 out of 5 stars**

**Thank you to Harlequin Australia for sending me a free copy of this novel; published 7 October 2020**

Tash leads a simple life in small-town Brockenridge: she works at the roadhouse, has good friends and her 12 year old daughter Isla. She drove away Isla’s father Kody by dumping him so he could follow his musician dreams but has always felt guilty. All of a sudden, they come face to face again when Kody is in hiding to sort through his mess of a life after a tragic concert. He is shocked to discover he has a child, especially with the woman he’s never been able to forget… Meanwhile, Jane has deliberately fooled everyone into believing her reputation is worse than it is and a second chance is something she thought she’d never get. Reconnecting with friendships she thought she’d lost forces her to question if past mistakes define you forever…

This is my first novel by this author but it won’t be my last. While this is technically a sequel, I read it as a standalone and it was perfectly fine. The main storyline is obviously in relation to Tash and Kody, with a clear attraction remaining between the two but also them working out how to coparent as well as Kody getting to know his daughter. The secondary storyline is in relation to Jane and her relationships with old friends, her mother and a potential new one with Mason. Forgiveness is the main theme running through, with all of the main characters needing to forgive themselves and others in order to move on. All of the main characters are really likeable even if you didn’t agree with their past decisions/mistakes. Those readers who appreciate a sexy male lead character will find both Kody and Mason a treat!
If you are in the mood for a romance where you know it’s going to end happily ever after for the main characters, definitely pick this one up.


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