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The Patient by Jasper DeWitt. (2020).


The Patient by Jasper DeWitt. (2020).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

In a series of online posts, Parker H., an ambitious psychiatrist, chronicles the harrowing account of his time working at a mental hospital and his attempt to cure the facility’s most difficult, profoundly dangerous case. The patient was admitted as a child but has no known diagnosis. Every person who has attempted to treat him has been driven to madness or suicide. Parker takes it upon himself to discover what ails this mystery patient and finally cure him. But things quickly spiral out of control…

Okay, I should have been tipped off by the “Stephen King meets The Silent Patient” tagline, but I genuinely thought this was a straight thriller, and did not realise it had strong horror elements. So I deeply regretted reading it in bed before I was planning to sleep…because sleep ended up taking awhile haha. But did I enjoy it you are likely wondering…the answer to that is yes and no. I think the format was interesting in that it was presented as a series of blog posts. I thought the storyline was average and also quite slow in parts, which is not usually an issue in smaller sized books such as this. Parker was a bit too arrogant for my liking. On the flipside I have to admit to being quite engaged by the storyline (despite finding it average in the end) and I was intrigued to see how it played out.
I can see why a lot of people rate this one high. For me it wasn’t quite to my taste but I didn’t mind it. I’d recommend for readers that like quick reads, and also like horror in their stories.

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