Australian Author · Crime · Mystery · Read-Reviewed-2020

Charlotte Pass by Lee Christine. (2020).


Charlotte Pass by Lee Christine. (2020).

**4 out of 5 stars**

When ski patroller Vanessa discovers human bones high on the mountain at Charlotte Pass ski resort, Detective Sergeant Pierce is called in to lead the investigation. When he arrives in the isolated village he soon determines that the bones belong to Celia, a young woman who disappeared in 1964 during a massive winter storm. When a second murder takes place, Pierce suspects the deaths are related and the person responsible is still in the village. Amid the escalating tension he is desperate to make an arrest…

This intriguing mystery is the crime fiction debut for this author and I think it was a pretty good debut! I’d actually be interested to know if the author intends this to be a series with Detective Sergeant Pierce as it certainly had the feel that we could keep going with him on other cases. The action is primarily set in an isolated village in the Snowy Mountains which the author made sound very appealing and stunning. I enjoyed the light romance between the two main characters in addition to the suspense of trying to work out who exactly was involved in both murders. I found this a really easy read and I think anyone who enjoys crime mysteries will appreciate this book.

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