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The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke. (2020).


The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke. (2020).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

In Australia, Arie waits impatiently for classical pianist Diana to return from a world tour and is hopeful that she’ll finally agree to plan their wedding. On her travels, Diana composes a song for Arie. It’s the perfect way to express her love and she knows they’ll spend their lives together… won’t they?
Late one night, her song is overheard and begins its own journey across the world. In Scotland, Evie is drifting. It’s been years since she left Australia. She wanted to be a poet but spends her time making coffee and beer. She doesn’t even know if the guy she lives with is her boyfriend or flatmate.
Then one day she hears an exquisite love song. One that will eventually connect her to a man with a broken heart…

I really enjoyed this author’s previous novel (Star-Crossed) so I was quite excited to see this release. I’m happy to report that I found it to be a great read! I was a bit thrown by the big event that occurs near the start of the novel (you’ll know what I mean when you read it), just because I wasn’t expecting it at all. What I like about this book is that while there are some jumps between different characters and what I would call little intermission chapters, it never gets confusing and the story all flows together really well. All of the characters are really likeable and feel realistic; they are not perfect but they feel like your friend and you are hoping it all works out for them somehow. Love is the running theme throughout this story and that love takes many forms: relationship, family, friend and so on.
I’d happily recommend for anyone looking for a great romance or contemporary read.

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