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Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan. (2020).


Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan. (2020).

**5 out of 5 stars**

A mother in crisis. A doctor’s duty. What is the truth about that night?
Liz and Jess have been friends for 10 years since meeting at a prenatal class. But how well do they really know each other? When Jess arrives at Emergency with her baby girl and a story that doesn’t add up; Liz is the doctor on call. Jess has devoted her life to family and home, but she is hiding so many secrets. As the truth begins to emerge, Liz is forced to question everything she knew about Jess and herself…

I quite enjoyed this author’s previous novel so when I saw this one I was definitely keen to read it. Happy to report that I absolutely loved this one. I think it was both fascinating and scary, not horror scary but more scary in the issues the plot showcased. Mental health plays a big part in this one, both pre/postnatal and also sustained mental trauma from childhood experiences. Obviously it’s an intense topic so it could be triggering for some. This novel had a strong element of suspense: what exactly happened and how did it happen to baby Betsey? The story is told alternating Liz and Jess’s point of views as well as featuring some flashbacks to events that occurred in the past. While the main storyline is about Jess and her hurt baby, Liz is facing some demons herself from her past; both of these storylines were extremely gripping.
Overall this is a very clever psychological suspense/thriller and I found it to be an excellent read.

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