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Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak. (2019).


Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak. (2019).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

From the moment they met in college, Stella & Violet were best friends. Stella is beautiful, privileged and in the spotlight. Violet is hardworking behind the scenes cleaning up Stella’s messes. After graduation Violet begins to make a life and career for herself in cable news. But an envious Stella uses her family’s contacts to get a job at the same network and quickly rises through the ranks. But Violet isn’t going to give up so easily. The two women both want success – even if it means destroying the other along the way.

So it seems that toxic relationships/friendships are all the rage in thrillers at the moment. I can appreciate it but when you read a lot of thrillers with similar concepts it all kind of starts sounding the same and I think I’ve hit that point. So while I did enjoy this book, I did get a bit over the relationship between Violet & Stella. It sounds like you guys hate each other….just stop pretending you are best friends?!?! The storyline itself was enjoyable, quite intense due to the high levels of jealousy and ambition from the two women. The book is set entirely from Violet’s point of view, who very much has a chip on her shoulder due to her emotionally abusive parents that were unsupportive of her ambition. I found both Stella and Violet fairly unlikable so for me it was more the interest in who was going to come out on top of this battle rather than actually wanting one to best the other.
This is an entertaining enough read that I’m sure a lot of readers would like.

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