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Silver by Chris Hammer. (2019).


Silver by Chris Hammer. (2019).
(Martin Scarsden #2)

**4 out of 5 stars**

For half a lifetime, journalist Martin has run from his past. He’d vowed never to return to his hometown, Port Silver, and its traumatic memories. But now his new partner, Mandy, has inherited an old house in the seaside town and Martin knows their chance of a new life together won’t come again. Martin arrives to find his best friend from school days brutally murdered, and Mandy the chief suspect. With the police curiously reluctant to pursue other suspects, Martin goes searching for the killer. And finds the past waiting for him…

I just want to start off by saying you could definitely read this without reading the first one (you may just miss some references and obviously be out of context on some things). Though I would highly recommend reading the first one because it is excellent! At over 550 pages this book truly is a biggie but it really doesn’t feel like it because you are just so engaged with the storyline. The author is extremely skilled at descriptions which lets you easily imagine the scene. The storyline is a bit complex but does all end up coming together nicely at the end (I particularly appreciated a scene where Martin simplifies and connects all the dots for another character!). I’d really love to see this series of books behind made into a television series because I think it would play out really well on a screen. I’m definitely keen for future books in this series and if Australian crime is your thing then put this novel on your reading lists for sure.

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