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The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason. (2019).


The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

Then. It’s 1976. Loo and her sister Bee live on a run-down farm in the middle of nowhere with their artistic parents and wild siblings. They are isolated and shunned by the small town. At the height of summer, unexplained noises and occurrences in the house begin to disturb the family until they intrude on every waking moment…
Now. Lucy, aka Loo, is called back to the farm as a group of strangers are looking to discover the truth about the house and family. But is Lucy ready to confront what really happened all those years ago?

This is a super creepy book. Don’t make my mistake…I stayed up late at night reading it and then I couldn’t sleep because I was hearing noises in my house haha. The storyline features dual timelines while alternating between characters and it works perfectly for the plot. I was so immersed in the chilling storyline and I was racing through the pages to discover what’s going on. If you are anything like me (I need ALL the questions answered haha), you probably should be aware that you aren’t going to get every detail you are hoping for; that didn’t lessen my enjoyment at all in this one though. A fascinating spine-tingling narrative that no doubt will get made into a film one day.
I’d happily recommend this paranormal horror story to those who like a little fright in their lives.

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