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Seven Days by Alex Lake. (2019).


Seven Days by Alex Lake. (2019).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

In 7 days, Maggie’s son Max turns 3. Maggie is dreading it. In her world, 3rd birthdays are when she loses her child. 12 years ago Maggie was abducted at age 15 and has been kept in a basement since. Before Max she has had 2 sons, both taken from her by her captor on their 3rd birthdays. She can’t let it happen again but she has no idea how to stop it… the clock is ticking…

This one is intense the whole way through. First of all obviously it’s a parent’s worst nightmare that their child goes missing at all, let alone missing indefinitely. This book very cleverly demonstrated the long lasting damage of such an event on a family. Then of course we have poor Maggie who has not only been abducted and kept in a single room for 12 years so far, but everytime she has a child, her baby is taken from her when he turns 3. Absolutely horrific to imagine! I appreciated that the narrative was broken into Maggie, her parent’s and her brother’s perspectives, as well as alternating between the current timeline and various points in the past 12 years. It might sound confusing but the sections are clearly labeled so you don’t get confused while reading. If you enjoy gripping suspense thrillers then definitely check this one out, I was honestly racing through the pages the closer to the end I got.

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