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The Model Wife by Tricia Stringer. (2019).


The Model Wife by Tricia Stringer. (2019).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

Natalie’s life is full, some might say too full. She teaches, runs a farm, has 3 grown daughters who haven’t quite got a handle on things, has a reserved husband and a demanding mother-in-law. She is the person everyone depends on. But when an odd gift from her mother-in-law (an old outdated book detailing how to be the model wife) surfaces again, it brings memories Natalie thought she had buried deep and makes her consider that in trying to be the perfect wife and mother she may have lost herself…

I really really enjoyed this one. It felt so easy to relate to Natalie! I’m sure anyone who has a long term partner and/or kids can relate to the stresses of trying to be the perfect spouse/parent. I liked that the story included the point of views of the three daughters as well as Natalie, so the reader could get the full effect of what was happening to the family as well as each person’s respective personal issues. The excerpts of the “how to be a model wife” book were hilarious and slightly concerning that there are genuine books like that in existence from the past (I’ve seen them!!). I think the book also demonstrated really well the difficulty of having a farming property to run. I highly recommend this story that not only highlights various struggles that we can all relate to, but also makes the reader appreciate their loved ones just that bit more.

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