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True West by David Whish-Wilson. (2019).


True West by David Whish-Wilson. (2019).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

It’s 1988 in Western Australia. After betraying the Knights bikie gang, 17 year old Lee flees to Perth with nothing left to lose. Working as a tow truck driver, he is captured by right-wing extremists whose combination of seduction and blackmail keeps him on the wrong side of the law and under their control. As the true nature of what drives his captors unfolds, Lee becomes an unwilling participant in a breathtakingly ambitious plot and a cold-blooded crime that reveals how much there is still left to lose.

This may sound corny but I liked that this book is set in my hometown of Perth, it really made everything seem so familiar for me and easy to picture in my mind. I found Lee’s story and journey quite interesting, although I couldn’t help but think of him as early to mid twenties rather than 17. I found it intriguing that he basically escaped one dangerous environment and landed in another different one immediately on his arrival to Perth. The narrative moves along quite fast and is always engaging. If a gritty crime style book is your thing, you’ll quite enjoy this one.

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