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Heart of the Cross by Emily Madden. (2019).


Heart of the Cross by Emily Madden. (2019).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

It’s 1959 and Rosie is leaving her home in Ireland for Australia to be with her husband. She soon discovers their is no room for her or their young son in her husband’s life in Kings Cross. As their marriage crumbles, Rosie will need to fight for her son’s future…
It’s 1984 and Rosie is determined her daughter Maggie will follow a successful path. But Maggie has her own plans…
It’s 2017 and Brianna’s grandmother Rosie has died and left her a secret apartment in Kings Cross. Brie wonders what other secrets Rosie had and in her search for the truth she finds a tale of passion, violence, love and tragedy…

Loved this one! Some people might think the story could get confusing given we are swapping between three different timelines but I think it was executed really well in this book and was easy to keep track of the respective storylines. I thought Rosie started off a bit naive in her thinking of her relationship but she quickly learnt her lesson the hard way and it was a bit sad really. Maggie’s storyline is the one explored the least but it’s quite affecting. There are a lot of scenes in this book that are fairly heartbreaking to imagine and that makes for an emotional read. It does end on a heartwarming and positive note which was lovely. This is a book I’d highly recommend and would be perfect if you are looking to relax with a great book.

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