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Body Tourists by Jane Rogers. (2019).


Body Tourists by Jane Rogers. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

When the rich die, their minds are stored digitally. In a private clinic in London, a scientist, Luke, has worked out how to transfer these digital identities into the sleeping bodies of young volunteers. There are opportunities abound: wrongs to be righted, fathers to meet grandsons, scientists to see their work competed; for the old to enjoy all the delicious sensations of life again. But Luke will soon find out he can’t control their behavior – especially when they discover they only get 14 days in the host body…
Youth can finally be bought, but at what cost?

I really liked the concept of this book; it was both interesting and believable. You can definitely see something like this happening in the future. There were quite a lot of characters involved with different chapters devoted to various characters – not a technique I’d usually be into but for this book it was perfect because it gave the reader a bigger picture of the numerous effects of the ‘Body Tourists’. It’s not a huge book and is well written so you could work your way through it quite quickly. There were many thought-provoking questions and issues to consider throughout. This is one I don’t think I’d forget in a hurry! I also think a media adaption of this story would be great.
If you like science fiction, or are considering giving it a go, I’d highly recommend this intriguing novel.

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