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Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television by Louis Theroux. (2019).


Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television by Louis Theroux. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

Louis takes the reader on a journey from his anxiety-prone childhood to his unexpectedly successful career. He has created his own documentary style that has seen him immersed in the worlds of paranoid US militias and secretive pro-wrestlers, get under the skin of celebrities like Max Clifford and Chris Eubank and tackle gang culture in a San Quentin prison. He wonders if the qualities that make him good at documentaries might also make him bad at life. As Louis meets his wife and learns to be a father, he is also taking on the Church of Scientology. On top of this he learns that one of his old subjects, Jimmy Savile, was a secret sexual predator. Filled with wry observation and self-deprecating humour, this is Louis at his most insightful and honest best.

Just going to put it out there that perhaps (definitely) I’m a biased reviewer with this one because I’m a Louis Theroux fangirl haha. I have tickets to see Louis speak in January 2020 and wanted to get this read by then; goal achieved. I really enjoyed this in depth look at not just the documentaries, but also Louis’s personal life (although the work around the documentaries is certainly covered a lot more in depth). While it’s not exactly chronological at times, it isn’t confusing to follow along. I found it a really interesting and also quite easy read. There is quite a lot of content around Jimmy Savile; it’s clear that he got under Louis’s skin and also the subsequent revelations after his death has affected Louis deeply. I’m sure if you are a fan of Louis then you will enjoy this book, and even if you’ve never watched his documentaries you will probably still enjoy this book!

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