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Greenlight by Benjamin Stevenson. (2018).


Greenlight by Benjamin Stevenson. (2018).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

4 years ago in the small town of Birravale, Eliza was murdered and within hours her killer Curtis was caught. But is he really the killer? Jack produces a true crime documentary about the case and his belief Curtis is innocent. Just before the final episode, Jack uncovers a minor detail that could prove Curtis guilty… so he gets rid of it. Not long after Curtis is released from prison, a new victim is found with horrifying similarities to Eliza’s murder. Did Jack help a killer walk free? He returns to Birravale to look for answers and the truth.

I liked this book, but I think I would have REALLY liked it if I had been able to read it in a couple of sessions instead of many mini sessions (thanks life for getting in the way of my reading haha). I think it was a great debut for the author and I’m definitely interested in reading future books. I did think the flow of the novel could have been better in sections; a few times I had to flick back and double check what I had just read. Also while the story was certainly enthralling and engaging I do think there was perhaps a few too many twists and the narrative could have had more of an impact if there was less of that.
Overall it was an interesting story that fits in with the current popular topic of true crime documentaries and makes the reader question if Curtis is guilty or not. I think many readers would enjoy this book.

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