Australian Author · Chick Lit · Read-Reviewed-2019

The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Club by Sophie Green. (2019).


The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Club by Sophie Green. (2019).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

It’s 1982 in Australia. Housewife Theresa takes up swimming at sunrise to get fit and have a few minutes to herself. Marie, a widower, swims from the same beach as it’s her one constant in her new life without her husband. 25 year old Leanne suffered through a trauma and relies on herself only. She’s a nurse to help others but she resists help for herself. Elaine has recently moved from England, leaving her adult sons behind. Her new closest friend is a gin bottle.
These four women will find each other in the waters of Shelly Bay and build friendships to cherish.

This book ended up being a lot deeper than what I expected. I thought it would be a light chick lit read and it was in one way but it also went much more emotional and hit the heart. I think this book really demonstrated how important it is to have at least a couple of friends in your life that you know you could turn to for both physical and emotional support when things are rough. All of the women in this story had their own issues going on and it was lovely to see that by the end they knew they could rely on one another. I liked that the women were all different ages at different stages of life and yet found a common interest in swimming that led to so much more. At over 400 pages it’s a fairly large book but it didn’t feel that way, it felt like an easy quick read. I’d happily recommend this novel, I really enjoyed it.

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