Australian Author · Crime · Mystery · Read-Reviewed-2019

The Accusation by Wendy James. (2019).


The Accusation by Wendy James. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

After 18 year old Ellie is found shivering and barely conscious on a country road, her bizarre story of kidnap and escape enthrals the nation. Local drama teacher Suzannah, once a minor celebrity, is new to the town and suddenly in the spotlight when she’s accused of being the perpetrator. As stories about Suzannah’s past emerge, even those close to her doubt her innocence. Meanwhile the media can’t get enough of Ellie but is she telling the truth?

I kept seeing this book EVERYWHERE so of course I had to jump on the bandwagon haha. I quite enjoyed this entertaining tale that leaves the reader wondering for majority of the book who is telling the truth and what the real story is. I found the concept of a crime victim suddenly becoming a celebrity quite fascinating; of course crime survivors are often in the spotlight but in Ellie’s case she becomes what I can best term in today’s society an ‘influencer’. Suzannah’s “crazy mum” was a riot and certainly stole the attention on the pages she was included. I would recommend reading this in one or two sessions if possible to get the full effect of confusion and suspense of working out what actually happened. This is one that would be great to take with you on a holiday.

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