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While You Were Reading by Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus. (2019).


While You Were Reading by Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus. (2019).

**4.5 out of 5 stars**

Beatrix is 29 years old and has just done a runner to Melbourne for a fresh start after accidentally ruining her best friend’s wedding. But life is still stagnant with a dead-end job and a non-existent love life. Her only friends are her books, her barista Dino and her cleaning lady. Then Bea stumbles across a second-hand novel inscribed with poetic notes and is determined to find the author. Along the way she finds herself entangled in one hell of a love quadrangle…

When I read The Book Ninja, I felt a kinship to the authors. After reading this, their second novel, I’m pretty sure we are soul sisters hahaha! I really enjoyed this book. I am pretty much the same age as Bea and have the same love of books but completely different life circumstances, and yet I just found her so relatable and was rooting for her all the way. After some intense books I was in the mood for a rom-com type book and this novel hit the spot. There were quite a few times that I had a little giggle out loud. Dino sounded like a super appealing (and sexy!) guy and I developed a little crush by the end haha. Bea’s sister Lizzie was an absolute cracker, she was hilarious. Someone out there (I’m looking at you Netflix) should definitely consider making this book into a movie. I also appreciated the small cameo appearances from characters in The Book Ninja, that was a great touch for someone who has read that novel as well. Loved that at the end of the book there was a list of books mentioned as well as ‘bookstagrammers’ whose pictures featured throughout.
I look forward to future novels from this dynamic duo and can only hope they continue writing these fabulous stories.

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