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Love And Other Battles by Tess Woods. (2019).


Love And Other Battles by Tess Woods. (2019).

**5 out of 5 stars**

Three generations of women, three heartbreaking choices, one unforgettable story.
1969: Free spirit hippie Jess had no intention of falling for a soldier but sometimes we can’t stop these things.
1989: Jess’s daughter Jamie just wants a simple life with marriage, children and stability but then she meets a struggling musician and the future becomes more complex.
2017: Jamie’s daughter CJ falls for the coolest boy at school and the worlds of these three women turn upside down.

Wow. This is my first taste of this author, and I’m disappointed that I missed her first two books (need to rectify that quickly!). A very engaging storyline that switched between the three main ladies in their respective timelines as well as the present for all three. All three were very likeable and in a word, brave; brave in their life battles and choices. The narrative is quite heartbreaking at times but also uplifting at other times. It includes the Vietnam War, the bright lights of the Nashville music scene, teenage self-harm, first loves and incurable illness so as you can imagine the book is definitely emotional. There is a final reveal at the end of the book that just pushed my emotions over the edge and had me both crying and thinking wait how did I even miss this; it was extremely well done.
Can’t praise this book highly enough and I very strongly recommend it!

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