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The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor. (2019).


The Dangerous Kind by Deborah O’Connor. (2019).

**4 out of 5 stars**

One in 100 of us is a ‘potentially dangerous person’ – someone likely to commit a violent crime who exhibits certain behaviours. Jessamine’s job is presenting a radio show that uses this formula to retrospectively exam brutal crimes and ask if more could have been done to prevent the perpetrators. When she begins to investigate the disappearance of a young mother, she is draws into a web of danger that leads to the upper society as well as back to her own family.

The true crime podcasts/television shows/radio shows etc fascination is still going strong in society and this book taps into that demographic. As with a lot of novels in this genre, there are dark elements involved and in this particular story this centers around child sexual abuse and exploitation as well as domestic violence. There are a few different point of views going on which are: Jessamine, the early 50s radio and later podcast host; Sarah, Jessamine’s teenage daughter; Jidesh, a young man who ends up assisting Jessamine with tech issues; and finally Rowena, who is 13 in 2002 and not in a good situation. All of these perspectives come together in the end for a big final dramatic climax. This novel explores a scary situation that is sadly experienced by too many young children.
Overall this is an engrossing and interesting thriller that I think fans of the genre would enjoy.

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