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The Favourite Daughter by Kaira Rouda. (2019).


The Favourite Daughter by Kaira Rouda. (2019).

**1.5 out of 5 stars**

Jane’s life has been a haze of anti-depressants since the tragic death of her daughter Mary a year ago, an incident which destroyed their perfect family. The trouble is the more Jane thinks about that night, the more she realises something isn’t right. Does her youngest daughter know more than she’s letting on? What secrets is her husband still hiding from her? She’ll find out the truth if it’s the last thing she does…

Disclaimer: I don’t have much positive to say about this book and this is probably one of the most negative reviews I’ve ever written so be forewarned!
A few times I went to give up on it but pushed through and now I regret that I finished it and didn’t pick up something else to read. Jane is an ‘unreliable narrator’ who is not likeable at all and is also ridiculously narcissistic. The amount of times it is mentioned how she looks good, or catches sight of herself and realises how good she looks, was off-putting, as was her ability to make every single thing about her. I get that was her character and done on purpose, and kudos to the author for nailing the characteristics of narcissism, but it made the story pretty not enjoyable for me as it just felt relentless. Unfortunately the entire book is from Jane’s perspective as well which meant that the reader gets no break from her personality and you end up not really trusting or liking any other character either because you only experience them through Jane’s deluded point of view. I also didn’t find the plot twists great; at worst they were predictable and at best they were unsurprising.
This isn’t a book I’d personally recommend but that’s just my opinion, it’s got mixed reviews on Goodreads and there are a lot of people who think it was really enjoyable.

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