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I Thought I Knew You by Penny Hancock. (2019).


I Thought I Knew You by Penny Hancock. (2019).

**3 out of 5 stars**

Who do you know better? Your oldest friend or your child? And who do you believe when one accuses the other of a crime? Jules and Holly have been best friends since university, know each other’s secrets and share everything. Their two children are three years apart and have grown up together. So when Jules’s daughter Saffie makes a serious accusation against Holly’s son Saul, neither woman is prepared for the devastating impact and consequences. Especially because Holly refuses to believe Saffie.

Trigger warning: this novel is about rape so if that is not a topic for you, don’t pick this one up.
I think this novel raised some important issues around rape and also about false accusations, and the consequences of both. Where I got a bit confused was that it felt like the reader was supposed to be shocked that Jules and Holly basically turn on one another and are intent on believing their own child. Given the circumstances, I feel like this would be a likely scenario in real life. Putting that aside, I think the author has taken a really tough subject and tried to explore the far reaching implications for everyone involved. I think the confusion and hurt that both mothers felt and the doubts they raised within themselves in trying to deal with everything was portrayed well. I think using the technique of alternating point of views (Holly and Jules) was good as it let the reader into both women’s minds. However something about this book just put me off a bit and I think it just came down to certain things being said/certain actions that didn’t feel right to me. As always, give it a go if it sounds like your type of book!

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