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Seven Letters by Sinéad Moriarty. (2019).


Seven Letters by Sinéad Moriarty. (2019).

**3.5 out of 5 stars**

Being a mother defines Sarah and she loves it. Every year she’s written a birthday letter of love to her daughter Izzy, now seven. And Sarah has finally fallen pregnant with a baby boy. When Sarah collapses, the safe and happy life Izzy knows is shattered. With the future of Sarah and her pregnancy in their hands, her husband and her family disagree about her treatment. The clock is ticking and the doctors need a decision. Can those who love Sarah get beyond the fog of grief and anger to figure out what’s best? Can they forgive one another for their decisions? Will Izzy lose everything she knows and loves?

First of all, kudos to the author for tackling a really controversial and tough subject matter. I think the author covered the issue with respect and it was quite emotional at times imagining if Sarah’s situation happened to someone close to me. It was certainly thought-provoking. However, I think the book was longer and more drawn out than it needed to be. Despite only covering a period of three weeks, it felt like it lasted a lot longer than that. I also found some of the phrases in conversation used by the 7 year old Izzy not very realistic for that age group, the same with her almost 16 year old cousin Riley although not to the same extent. I think the drama between the family members after Sarah’s incident was well plotted and very believable, particularly in those terrible circumstances.
Overall I think it was a very memorable plotline with a lot of food for thought, albeit quite emotionally triggering.

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