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A Life Of Her Own by Fiona McCallum. (2019).


A Life Of Her Own by Fiona McCallum. (2019).

**2.5 out of 5 stars**

Alice loved being a mature-age student but now that she’s finished her degree and she needs to get a career. But the job market is tough and her partner David is not helping by pushing her about contributing to the mortgage. Then Alice is offered a role at a major real estate agency. She quickly realises it’s not what it seems and doesn’t understand what she’s doing wrong in relation to her boss Carmel. As everything starts to fall apart, Alice has a sudden visit home to her country town and has an opportunity to get some perspective. When she is surrounded by people who aren’t what they seem, can Alice learn to ask for what she really wants?

I was quite disappointed to find I didn’t really get into this book. I did like the meaningful messages in the novel which I interpreted as being that it’s important to stand up for yourself and also do what you enjoy, which is in relation to both career and personal lives. Bill the dog is pretty cute. However on the flip side….I found the main character Alice super annoying. The things that happened to her were definitely not nice but I struggled to feel any sympathy or empathy towards her as I just didn’t like her. I also thought there was quite a lot of repetition throughout the book; multiple times it’s mentioned that Alice’s partner is “not romantic or sensitive” (apparently it takes Alice four years to decide this is an issue) and at about the halfway point in the book Alice discovers the word narcissistic and from that point ‘narcissistic people’ and ‘narcissism’ is mentioned constantly and I just felt totally over it by the end.

With the majority of reviews being very positive, it’s worth a read if you like the sound of the synopsis.

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