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After The Party by Cassie Hamer. (2019).


After The Party by Cassie Hamer. (2019).

**4.5 stars**

Lisa has a lovely life, a gorgeous husband and two beautiful girls (although she would like another child too…). Lisa invites 32 kindy kids for her daughter’s birthday; it’s compete chaos and at the end of the day there is one child left, Ellie. Ellie has a mysterious note that makes clear her mum isn’t coming back to get her…what sort of mum does this, and why pick Lisa’s family?
Lisa and her sister decide to track down the missing mum and this journey is life-changing for both of them.

This novel well and truly is a fantastic debut for the author. With a perfect mix of intrigue, humour, suspense and reality, it’s one I’d be happy to recommend. I felt like there was a strong underlying current focusing on the powerful love of mothers, as well as highlighting the special relationship between sisters (particularly when their parents have sadly passed away). I really enjoyed following both Lisa and Jamie’s respective journeys, as well as the drama they run into searching for Ellie’s mum. Keep an eye out for side character Heather who truly is a riot!
Overall, this story is really entertaining and engaging. I look forward to future novels from this author.

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