Australian Author · Crime · Mystery · Read-Reviewed-2019

Second Sight by Aoife Clifford. (2018).


Second Sight by Aoife Clifford. (2018).

**4.5 stars**

Eliza returns home to her small country town. However the problem is she is defending a large corporation against a bushfire class action by the town. On her first day back she witnesses an old friend commit an act of lethal violence. Then bones are uncovered on a historic homestead and Eliza is convinced they belong to someone from her past. As Eliza becomes more entangled in all the investigations she begins to question everyone she knows and everything she thought was true.

I really enjoyed this novel. The majority of the book is from Eliza’s point of view in the current timeline, with small sections of the book occurring on New Year’s Eve 1996 when Eliza’s friend Grace went missing. This is a very clever narrative because it focuses on how someone’s past assumptions can influence their life now regardless if those assumptions were actually true or not. The synopsis may sound like a lot is going on and in a way there is however it all ties together nicely in the end. The small town and the relationships between the people who reside there feels very genuine. This is definitely a well-written and gripping book.

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